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Link It Here What is it?

What lies beyond the Internet?

The answer is Link It Here. Chromagic has made the concept of the "Hypernet" a reality by introducing a layer that exists on top of the conventional web. It's a new dimension that allows you to add comments, ask questions, and exchange ideas at any page on the Internet with other people. For example, you can comment on a news article you just browsed and also read opinions posted by others who read the same article. You can even add a link to another page that you like. The last twenty five posts are listed for the page you are currently visiting. Think of it as a way to put and discuss your thoughts at any web page. It's like hanging out in the rafters of the Internet! Now the entire Internet community can meet and interact anywhere they want on the web.

What does Link It Here do for me?

  • Link It Here allows you to submit comments at web pages and share them with other people.
  • The last twenty five comments are listed at the page you are currently visiting.
  • Click "What's New?" to show you where the latest comments are posted by anyone or a selected person.
  • We promise there will be no annoying banner or popup ads.

  • How does Link It Here work?

  • Link It Here stores and links comments to web pages with the servers.
  • These comments are accessed by your browser when you visit a web page and click on Link It Here.
  • The service is completely free.
  • You don't have to download and install software.

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