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You don't have to download and install software. Just right-click on the link below (for Apple users, hold down the control key when you click) and select You can then click on your Link It Here to post or view comments at any web page you visit:

Link It Here   <-- Right-click this link and select

Now you can surf to any page you want and click on your Link It Here to leave your thoughts. Tip: You might want to add Link It Here to your Links bar or Bookmarks Toolbar to make it easy to click when you are suddenly struck with the desire to add a comment.

Although it is not required, you can also download and install Link It Here software absolutely free to add a blue star "Comments" button to Internet Explorer that is always available. Restart Internet Explorer after running setup to see it appear on the toolbar. Click on the button to view or add comments at any page you visit on the web.

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